Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's in a number EIGHT?

Month of August is now approaching. August is represented as number 8. Eight is represented as Infinity. Infinity means to many as a symbol of never-ending...luck, in a relationship or in business, and even in lottery games! This number has become the favorite number of many.
But whatever you believe in what the number brings, what is important is you believe what is positive, what is favorable in relation to the number. For it is what you think and what you believe that is what you will get. And if you bring in your emotions to what you believe, you magnify the chances of the possible manifestation of what you always expect to believe and happen.

Here's to your endless happy life!

Friday, July 30, 2010

IPod Nano, a fire hazard. What to do?

It's been in the news lately that IPod Nano is a fire hazard. News says that it has been found out that it can overheat and emit smoke and eventually can start to burst into flame. So beware users! But there's something you can do if you found out that the IPod Nano you own is a potential fire hazard.

First, enjoy the feeling that you've got to own an IPod Nano. Not everyone can afford to have one.

Second, when you're charging your IPod Nano, make sure you don't charge it excessively. Take a look at it while charging, enjoy your admiration for it and feel gratitude how much its giving you fun every time you use it. Enjoy the moment. Then, before yo u know it, you're done charging it.

Third, if you really feel uncomfortable that you carry along an Ipod Nano that is a fire hazard and it gets you to feel so uneasy, what you can do is...
a. Throw it and purchase a new better one and be thankful you have learned early of its possible hazards before you become a burned victim of this tiny music player.
b. Or give it to someone you hate and pray that it wont get him burned ( because your conscience might not carry the thought of it.) Well at least you get to pray for someone you least likely to offer a prayer.

Here's to your love for music!

Secret of The Secret

Have you watch " The Secret"?
I did. Few years back when it was very new in the market. Though I know already about the Law of attraction before I've watched the movie, I still very much enjoyed it and was so moved by it that made me watched it again for 3x on that week. I just love absorbing them up to the deep recesses of my inspired mind and heart.
However…something is lacking. The Law of Attraction says, just think and ask about it and it shall be given. Many has manifested already, but not all is given. How come? What else is needed to manifest them all that I desire? Those are questions that came to my mind until a dear friend of mine accompanied me to the National bookstore and told me to buy this book:

Yes , that's another Law of Attraction book and The Author has been so familiar to me simply because year 2003, somebody lend to me a tape that contains a question and answer forum about Abundance and The Law of Attraction by Abraham and Hicks. It didn't sink in to my mind as I've watch it, in fact, I get bored! So bored that I stepped into the dreamland. Now I realize why I get bored watching, listening to something that gives advise on how to get rich. Its because I was already in the forum where I shouldn't be. I should first read and learn the basics, the roots, the real "tip" about attracting what I desire and that is in that book Money and The Law of Attraction. Hooray! Finally, my question has been answered. The secret of The Secret was finally revealed. Being a human being, with emotions, applying what is in the book can still be challenging, but……. fulfilling.

Here's to your abundant life!
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