Monday, August 30, 2010

New Pizza Commercial

We Love Pizza

Out of fun, family bonding and eating pizza creatively ends in a new pizza commercial.

It's a pizza day!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Snacks For Your Kids, Who Rules?

It has always been a challenge to most moms what to give for their kids as a snack in school, especially the toddlers. Much to every mom's effort of providing kids the healthiest snack, the challenge comes when the child would choose what he wants to eat.Most of the time, the child wants what we consider to be junk foods---less of nutrients, full of preservatives, with added artificial flavorings, and can even ruin a child's appetite for the next meal. If they don't get that, they don't eat, some would have tantrums, and the loving mom would give what the child wants. Difficult, huh?

In this new age where global warming is a threat, when technology is faster that instead of eating fresh foods you can be tempted to go for a fast food, One question popped into my mind: who rules in deciding for your kid's snack? What could be the best snacks for your kids?

Whatever responses would there's a good tip: There's always a better choice, start to choose healthier, even not the healthiest., and always provide your child a fresh, clean water to drink.

Water is nourishing, at the same time cleansing.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to start your day...

Got this message from a friend:

" Starting a day is like a painting...
Draw the line with prayers,
Erase the error with forgiveness,
Dip the brush with lots of patience,
and color it with LOVE"

...and of it to the max!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Terra Manna Camping and Resort

A safe camping space

Flower Mandala Wishing Well

Let the kids sit on this 8 comforting rocks as they enjoy the grilling of their foods

Enjoy a lovely moment on this proposal bench with the heart-shaped rock

A peaceful scenery of a nurturing Universe

What a grateful day to be on a place that gives a relaxation space, and a healthy time for people who wish to explore the beauty of the earth and beauty within themselves.
If you happen to be in this place, you will find yourself being one with nature.

Being's happiness to the max!

More on this, check my other blog :

Monday, August 2, 2010

Computer Terminologies and their "Meaning"

I overheard some teenagers "laughing-out-loud" while talking about their new found terms related to computer and schooling. Here it goes:
Brain = Monitor and CPU
Sickness = Virus

Day Before the Exam:
I find it hard to review because my "memory" is only 250 megabytes.
Too short! mine is at least 165 kilobytes. I wish I have 109 gigabytes.

Examination day:(These are excuses when they did not review and can't answer the test questions)
Damn! I can't remember and retrieve the notes , my younger sister accidentally "deleted" it in my "My Documents folder" ( memory bank, you mean? )
Maybe you just need to "explore". (You''re not studying, what else can you find in your memory bank?)
Try to "refresh" it.
I did , but it "hung" up. (because your coconut shell is tired of you playing video games)
Well, maybe, there's a "virus" in it. (c'mon, go to your doctor if you feel sick)
Then, just "switch it off" and You just "hibernate" (good advice huh?)


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Return of Investment at 70

It's quite a challenge to most people nowadays to stay healthy and reach the age of  70. My mom-in-law just celebrated her seventieth birthday today. I admire people who gets to this age still with the strength of a 50 year old, the wisdom of 40's, the heart of 30's, the love of 20's and the excitement of a girlie, like the teens...that's my mom-in-law. If in business we always look for the return of investment(we mean it in cash) this day my mom-in-law had the return of her investment---an out-pour of love from her children and grandchildren.

What a lovely birthday!
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