Wednesday, March 9, 2011


There are a lot of things we can think of when we see or hear the word "friend" .  It is something we want, most of the times we need, and is usually given at different places and situations. We definitely want it to be nourished, and there are many ways to keep a friendship bond strong and make it lasts forever, especially after high school.

It’s easy  when your high school classmates/batchmates are your native neighbors. You grew up together, your  parents are friends and you both lived in your great grandparents  hometown.  But still, opportunities create a way to test your friendship.  Some will have to go to other places, out of town, out of the country and later you’ll realized, you’ve lost contact of each other. But true friendship lies in our hearts. 
No matter how long, no matter how far, once the chances of getting together is just at your fingertips, no distance can block a heart’s desire of sharing those high school friendship memories to one another.
Truly a  homecoming brings back the bond of friendship that was once started in high school and will surely last a lifetime. In this world of 21st century lingo, they’re called your BFF! …your  Best Friends Forever.

BFF secret formula:
  • Be real. Always be true to yourself and to your friends.

  • Acceptance. Love your friend for whoever she/he is.  If you think your friend is not doing the right thing, you can always give a reminder in a very friendly caring way.
  • Avoid Insecurities. We are all created unique from each other.We all have our own strenght, talents and gifts.  We shouldn’t feel insecure for any differences that we see 

  • Be genuinely interested in your friends.
    • Of course not for material reasons, but for reasons that a friend— just like  your partner—completes the missing piece of your puzzle. 

  • Communicate. It doesn’t need to be as regular as with some other friends (such as your officemates, church-mates,  colleagues, neighbors or even blogmates, ), but for as long as you keep in touch once in a blue moon , and you know it in your heart, what matters most is your quality time. You also have to really express yourself. Sometimes it’s done with a drama, but what is important is , you express yourself.

  • Increase your trust and understanding. We always want a friend who understands, and someone whom we know we can trust. Trusting is like giving this person your main door house key  when you have to leave your house for weeks or months. Understanding a friend is like wearing different hats while you’re with your friend. You wear a mommy’s hat, or a sister/brother ‘s hat, or a boss’ hat, or a dog’s hat …whatever you think is necessary.

  • Be proud of your friend. The word “envy” doesn’t exist in the Friendship Dictionary. If you have a moment, let your friend feel you are proud of her/him, especially proud on your friend’s achievements and creative talents.
  • Offer a”real “hand. You know it when a friend needs it. Don’t delay, you can do it in any simple many ways.

  • Divine support. For whatever relationship there is, a consult and support from our Great Creator makes everything  guided. He protects and bless a true friendship.

The list can be endless. Having at least five of them that you keep in heart and mind and apply to your circle of friends, there’s no doubt your friendship will last a lifetime.
  • Friends are treasures. 
  • Here's to your friendly day!
  • -- This is a repost from my other blog . 

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