Monday, December 20, 2010

Raising a Global Child

As Christmas is just around the corner we are reminded of a special gift, the birth of the Divine Child. For a mother, having a child is already Divine; so much more when your child is gifted with the ability and capacity to use them favorably for the enjoyment and fun of those around. I believe every mom is blessed to have a child with their unique ability and intelligence.

Preparation and Nourishment
As a mother, I consider the art of child rearing is such a great and pleasurable task for every mom. Yet, nurturing happens even before the child would physically say hello to the outside world after a warm nine-month stay in a mommy’s comfy-tummy.  For my daughter I always let her listen to music when I was on my second trimester pregnant with her. By placing the other earpiece of my walkman to my tummy (no CD player yet that time), we both always enjoyed the music together.  When she was born, she always slept much better with instrumental music played most of the time.  She’s such an angel child she never gave me sleepless nights.

Monica at 4 years old

As I gladly enjoyed moments with her, preparing her for a much better childhood is also what was focused on my mind.  When food is the question, she was never a picky eater so it was easy to feed her, to the point of letting her grow with a healthy bigger frame for a child her age. Nevertheless, I could not discount the value of giving her complete nourishment not just through healthy foods but also giving her a multivitamin nutritional support; a safe, educational playing tools and a warm, happy, pleasing home life.  We made education fun for her.  At the age of two, we were already playing with alphabets.  We toss and turn the alphabet cards and make a guessing game, three alphabets per week. She loved singing the alphabet song. Before she turned three, she already can read the alphabets even in random.

Kinder Graduate, with Honors
With that admirable propensity to academic, we still wanted to create a more balanced life for her. She has the passion of meeting more friends that she sweetly, politely requested to be in school even she was then just three years old, but we just let her enjoyed the fun and activity plays. She learns so easily and dynamically participated in any activities. She joyfully sings perfectly her favorite piece of Lea Salonga’s “tomorrow”. At the age four she was already hosting some of the school program; at the same time is a participant of the group performances, especially a soloist singer performer on stage.What a delight to see your child like that.

Meeting  the Challenge
Monica at 7 years old
As she was growing up as a child, she was noticed with a great voice. She contend in some school singing contests and even on television for which she was lucky to have been included as finalist to sing on TV after a long line in the audition. On top of these activities, she still managed to make it as one of the top students in school. These are some challenges she faced for which she handled well. She continued her passion and singing, developing her core gift, but she always sets aside time for studying. She was even given a scholarship in school for her active participation in many singing activities both inside and outside school and for being still academically responsible.

The Fruits of Love, Nourishment and Guidance

Monica has been blessed with a great talent. I have been blessed with a child who knows how to boost her intelligence and talent. Still fresh on my mind was what one of her teacher told me. “Your daughter is global. She sings very well, she mingles with anyone very well, 
she’s very polite, humble and yet she excels in school” I was stunned to know this. For me, it was such a compliment. From Roget’s thesaurus global means covering a wide scope, all- around and comprehensive. Seeing my child now, with her caring attitude, good values, diligence in school and passion in honing her skills, I guess I am delighted to agree, my daughter is global.
Monica Rosales at 8, duriring Commencement Exercise
Reminiscing just a few months back as my daughter officially stepped into the teenage world, I know she had gone through a wonderful childhood.  Hence, every end of the month of each year, as most would make a list of New Year’s resolution; I usually make a list of my blessings and I am grateful, one of the greatest blessings given to me is having a global child.

                                  Monica at 12 years old:

Here's to all moms-- we are all blessed with our child!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Make your wish come true

We all have our wishes...from time to time. Some people would make a wish out of a sudden event or upon a shooting star. Some would do it  with rituals such as lighting a candle, offering some tokens, making use of a balloon and allowing it to escape your wishful thoughts and just soar high up in the clouds. You may be doing any of them or all of them. If you are someone who does not believe in wishes coming true, maybe you should try it one time. There are many ways and I'm sharing with you one of the newest discovery-- making a wish in a Flower Mandala Wishing Well .
Mandala Wishing Well
Normally or should I say, usually, in a wishing well, you throw up a coin and make a wish. And most of the time, you throw up plenty coin for each wish. With this one, instead of using your coins, you will be going green, by finding a flower, even just a petal of flower, an old or fresh one would do, or pick up the ones that fell on the ground next to your toes, place it in the flower mandala and make a wish. It is also great to do it at night where you'll see the different effects of light subtly changing from red to yellow to green, to blue. What a nice ritual! You can even meditate on your wish, with all these lights emanating from the bottom of this mandala wishing well.

The Moon, Venus  and two stars 01/12/2008 AntalyaImage by ozgurmulazimoglu via Flickr

I love making a wish as far as I remember, and have never outgrown it. I always make a wish on the first uniquely shining star I see at night. Maybe sometimes I'm wishing upon a Venus star, I don't know. I even love the song When You Wish Upon a Star.  I do it with these ritual words: "Starlight, star-bright, the first star I'm seeing tonight, I wish ...I'll be granted with the wish I'm making tonight" . More often than wish comes true.

Go and make your wishes come true!...well, take action too..and trust.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Manny Pacquiao has a Secret

Top secret areaImage by Marcin Wichary via Flickr

The last time I wrote something about Manny Pacquiao was last March 14, 2010 just before his fight then, exactly 8 months to this date. If he wins again this time against Margarito, is it because "eight" is a lucky number for Manny? Well, no one can really tell, maybe only Mommy Dionisia can. But there's something I've known about Manny Pacquiao. I've discovered his secret why he always win in the game of boxing. I wrote down everything in my other blog.

Click here if you want to know his secret.

Prayers and cheers to Manny's fight!

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finger Puppets

Most kids love to play, watch TV or magic shows, educational shows or anything that can stimulate their creative minds.
Finger puppets at the Art Gallery of OntarioImage via Wikipedia
One of the shows my 4-year old son got interested was the Finger Puppets Wrestling show on TV.  There was a little bit of apprehension in me allowing him to watch the show. You know, most moms doesn't want their kids get influenced with the idea of fighting, though maybe for most Dads, they prefer it the other way around , especially if their child is a boy. "Be always strong, brave, and never be a chicken in a fight"--- is what some dads would say to those little boys. However, out of apprehension, suddenly an appreciation of the show replaced my previous emotions upon seeing the influence of the show to my little boy. I saw him suddenly creating some face drawings on his fingers and then when he's done,  showed it to me and told me what those finger puppets were. Amazing! He even showed the different emotions through those cute creations. Wow! Lovely finger puppets!

Our kids are really creative. Let's let them be.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bankrupt at 55, Successful at 65

He just turned 67 last October 30. How grateful I was on that day, and been thanking God the whole day for another birthday celebration we're giving for my Dad, who is still strong and healthy for his age. Yes, sometimes he has some bouts of his allergies but through God's grace he 's able to manage it and still is motivated, inspired and focused to work in the wee hours of the night, until even the sun shines on his ever proud forehead.

The Passion
You're probably guessing what he does. No, he's neither a security guard, nor a call center agent to be working that late. It's his own business he's working for. I remember when he told me 5 years ago, "I'll never stop working to the last of my breath".  However, knowing he's on his sixty's, I would rather like to see him resting and enjoying the prime of his life than still working late in the night....and my mom told me then," your father's passion is work, so just understand."

It was only when I've read "8 Secrets of the Truly Rich" and some more books of Bo Sanchez  ,  that I've totally understood about my Dad's passion . His passion to work, to pursue his dream and to become successful once again. With that understanding about my Dad, within me also blossomed a deep admiration to him that he was able to get up and walk again from the fall of bankruptcy in our bakery business which had been our bread and butter for years while the eight of us, their children were heading up to school every day. Some of us now have our own family life and we have finished our schooling through all the efforts of my Dad, together with my Mom.

The Secret Ingredient and the Twister
In the books of Bo that I've read, one thing that created a big impact to me is "The Power of Focus . I realized how powerful it is to be in "focus". I think this is what my Dad has. He only finished second year high school. Got married at age 21 and started working as a bakery helper and through his diligence, patience and focus on his dream, he has learned the craft in bakery business.

He was able to worked abroad as a Bakery Production Manager while he was able to put up our own bakery here. Years later he came back to the Philippines and assisted my Mom in letting our business grow. It has been very successful then. Successful enough for them to be able to send the eight of us to College, was able to build a 3-story house with ten big rooms, bought cars, and was able to branched out two more bakeries. But because none of our parents had the financial intelligence, and some of us were still finishing College then, when a slow turn of tide hit our family, it seemed like a twister that had given us a big blow. We lost our house, cars, bakeries, and all our finances. We went down to negative zero balance. My Dad then was at the age of 55. It took a few years of trying to pick up the pieces again and together we stood on our faith as each one was dreaming. Then, we (his children) had started to work on our own chosen career, and everyone decided that we will just share and sum up everything as a share for our parents finances. But my Dad insisted on putting up again a bakery business. We told him, it's not possible anymore, he's already old, he has not enough capital to start it again, and it is hard to find a cheaper space to put it , and he needs helpers/workers.  None in the family entertained his plan of putting up again his dream. But to our surprise, with just 5 kilos of flour and some other ingredients, he started it again, until slowly, it grows big and bigger. Big enough that he was able to get and pay a helper, a saleslady, and bought some stuff for his General Merchandise and Bakery business.

The Dreamer
At his age of 65, I saw my Dad's dreams starting to materialize again. Now he's extending his bakery business with another room space,   and plans to teach people who are passionate in bakery business. He plans to have a school of baking. This time, how can we disagree again? He already proved us wrong. Now we all know, as long as you have the power of focus and you use your core gift, success will never say to you that a senior citizen is already a late age to start dreaming.

The Successful Senior Citizen
My Dad never gets tired, never gets disappointed when it comes to working and dreaming, and that is the reason why, to his age now, he's still up and about in the wee hours of the night. Though not all the time, his helper does the work for him, but still, his passion is there.
He may have not yet reached again the riches we had before, he may not have still all the financial intelligence I've learned from Bo's books (such as the Steps to Control Cash, Creating Money Machines, etc), but seeing what he went through and how he surpassed it all, and seeing him happily working, to me ... my Dad, truly is, a successful man.
Cheers to my Dad's birthday and success, and may God continue to bless him with good health and strength as he keeps inspiring someone like me in the way we should believe, focus and fulfill our dreams.

Here's to everyone's dreams!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You're Amazing, Just The Way You Are

White Peacock at The Farm

It is always wonderful to see something different. We usually see what is when something new and different  is there, what is common is taken for granted. But we always have to look what eyes cannot deeply see. It is amazing. However,  to see something of spectacular beauty on the  inside and outside makes it a more rewarding day. 
Such as a friend beside you.

Whenever you see something really beautiful and amazing...Don't just look, but feel...more of the core beauty will be revealed.

Like you...

             Being just the way we you are already amazing.

Song Lyrics: Just The Way You Are

Oh her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they're shining
Her hair, her hair, falls perfectly without her trying
She's so beautiful and I tell her everyday.

Yeah, I know I know when I compliment her she won't believe me
And it's so, it's so sad to think she don't see what I see
But every time she asks me do I look okay, I say

When I see your face, there's not a thing that I could change
Coz you're amazing just the way you are
And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while
Coz girl you're amazing , just the way you are

Her nails, her nails, i could kiss them all they if she'd let me
Her laugh, her laugh she hates but I think it's so sexy
She's so beautiful and I tell her everyday

Oh you know, you know, you know I'd never ask you to change
If perfect is what you're searching for. Then just stay the same
So don't even bother asking if you look okay you know i'll say
The way you are, the way you are
girl you're amazing just the way you are.

Monday, September 6, 2010

What to do with DENGUE

"Ber" months is on the go, Christmas season is fast approaching....a season of hope and a season of happiness. But before time hits that jolly date, a season of fear especially for most Filipinos would always pass by before and during the  "ber'' months A fear from the danger of getting infected with Dengue especially if it is becoming epidemic.
Good thing that the Dr.Eric Tayag, the Chief of DOH Epidemiology Center has announced this morning on TV ,  (great mass education!) what every individual especially parents should do especially at home for a mild case of Dengue. Of course early diagnosis is important. Seeking medical consultation at the first sign of fever will help prevent progression of illness. Dr. Tayag emphasize the DENGUE Acronymn guidelines for mild cases of dengue management at home.
  • D - daily monitoring of the patient's condition or status, such as checking  temperature and state of hydration.
  • E - encourage intake of oral fluids. Fluids play a big role in the treatment of dengue.
  • N - note for dengue warning signs such as bleeding and persistent vomiting
  • G - give paracetamol for fever, NOT aspirin ( aspirin can aggravate bleeding tendencies)
  • U - use mosquito nets, especially if child is taking a nap in the daytime because Dengue mosquito is a day-biting mosquito
  • E - early consultation is always advised
Education is still important in the prevention of any illness especially dengue . There's a saying that "Prevention is worth an ounce of cure", in cases when dengue is an outbreak , Education about dengue prevention is more than an ounce of cure.
To prevent the spread, always clean the areas in your home(stagnant water) where it would be a good breeding grounds for dengue  mosquitoes. For your flower jars, you may have some fish on it. Fish feeds on those tiny mosquito wannabes.

Here's to your healthy body and healthy thoughts!

"Unhealthy" sex exposure for teens revealed

One of the challenges most parents are facing today in this emerging high technology is the danger of unhealthy sex exposure of teens from media such as Television and Internet. The role of parents cannot be overemphasized , but the discipline imposed on the teenagers regarding the use of these media should not escape the minds of everyone. It is interesting to know that a group of pediatricians in US came up and issued a policy statement that is directed to parents and pediatricians regarding the dangers of teenagers' unhealthy sex exposure from various media sources such as TV and Internet.

You can read more from an article about  "Teens' 'unhealthy' sex exposure blamed on TV, music, Web "  on this site: ", written by Amanda Gardner of HealthDay. 

Here's a landmark for your thoughts!

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Pizza Commercial

We Love Pizza

Out of fun, family bonding and eating pizza creatively ends in a new pizza commercial.

It's a pizza day!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Snacks For Your Kids, Who Rules?

It has always been a challenge to most moms what to give for their kids as a snack in school, especially the toddlers. Much to every mom's effort of providing kids the healthiest snack, the challenge comes when the child would choose what he wants to eat.Most of the time, the child wants what we consider to be junk foods---less of nutrients, full of preservatives, with added artificial flavorings, and can even ruin a child's appetite for the next meal. If they don't get that, they don't eat, some would have tantrums, and the loving mom would give what the child wants. Difficult, huh?

In this new age where global warming is a threat, when technology is faster that instead of eating fresh foods you can be tempted to go for a fast food, One question popped into my mind: who rules in deciding for your kid's snack? What could be the best snacks for your kids?

Whatever responses would there's a good tip: There's always a better choice, start to choose healthier, even not the healthiest., and always provide your child a fresh, clean water to drink.

Water is nourishing, at the same time cleansing.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to start your day...

Got this message from a friend:

" Starting a day is like a painting...
Draw the line with prayers,
Erase the error with forgiveness,
Dip the brush with lots of patience,
and color it with LOVE"

...and of it to the max!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Terra Manna Camping and Resort

A safe camping space

Flower Mandala Wishing Well

Let the kids sit on this 8 comforting rocks as they enjoy the grilling of their foods

Enjoy a lovely moment on this proposal bench with the heart-shaped rock

A peaceful scenery of a nurturing Universe

What a grateful day to be on a place that gives a relaxation space, and a healthy time for people who wish to explore the beauty of the earth and beauty within themselves.
If you happen to be in this place, you will find yourself being one with nature.

Being's happiness to the max!

More on this, check my other blog :

Monday, August 2, 2010

Computer Terminologies and their "Meaning"

I overheard some teenagers "laughing-out-loud" while talking about their new found terms related to computer and schooling. Here it goes:
Brain = Monitor and CPU
Sickness = Virus

Day Before the Exam:
I find it hard to review because my "memory" is only 250 megabytes.
Too short! mine is at least 165 kilobytes. I wish I have 109 gigabytes.

Examination day:(These are excuses when they did not review and can't answer the test questions)
Damn! I can't remember and retrieve the notes , my younger sister accidentally "deleted" it in my "My Documents folder" ( memory bank, you mean? )
Maybe you just need to "explore". (You''re not studying, what else can you find in your memory bank?)
Try to "refresh" it.
I did , but it "hung" up. (because your coconut shell is tired of you playing video games)
Well, maybe, there's a "virus" in it. (c'mon, go to your doctor if you feel sick)
Then, just "switch it off" and You just "hibernate" (good advice huh?)


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Return of Investment at 70

It's quite a challenge to most people nowadays to stay healthy and reach the age of  70. My mom-in-law just celebrated her seventieth birthday today. I admire people who gets to this age still with the strength of a 50 year old, the wisdom of 40's, the heart of 30's, the love of 20's and the excitement of a girlie, like the teens...that's my mom-in-law. If in business we always look for the return of investment(we mean it in cash) this day my mom-in-law had the return of her investment---an out-pour of love from her children and grandchildren.

What a lovely birthday!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's in a number EIGHT?

Month of August is now approaching. August is represented as number 8. Eight is represented as Infinity. Infinity means to many as a symbol of never-ending...luck, in a relationship or in business, and even in lottery games! This number has become the favorite number of many.
But whatever you believe in what the number brings, what is important is you believe what is positive, what is favorable in relation to the number. For it is what you think and what you believe that is what you will get. And if you bring in your emotions to what you believe, you magnify the chances of the possible manifestation of what you always expect to believe and happen.

Here's to your endless happy life!

Friday, July 30, 2010

IPod Nano, a fire hazard. What to do?

It's been in the news lately that IPod Nano is a fire hazard. News says that it has been found out that it can overheat and emit smoke and eventually can start to burst into flame. So beware users! But there's something you can do if you found out that the IPod Nano you own is a potential fire hazard.

First, enjoy the feeling that you've got to own an IPod Nano. Not everyone can afford to have one.

Second, when you're charging your IPod Nano, make sure you don't charge it excessively. Take a look at it while charging, enjoy your admiration for it and feel gratitude how much its giving you fun every time you use it. Enjoy the moment. Then, before yo u know it, you're done charging it.

Third, if you really feel uncomfortable that you carry along an Ipod Nano that is a fire hazard and it gets you to feel so uneasy, what you can do is...
a. Throw it and purchase a new better one and be thankful you have learned early of its possible hazards before you become a burned victim of this tiny music player.
b. Or give it to someone you hate and pray that it wont get him burned ( because your conscience might not carry the thought of it.) Well at least you get to pray for someone you least likely to offer a prayer.

Here's to your love for music!

Secret of The Secret

Have you watch " The Secret"?
I did. Few years back when it was very new in the market. Though I know already about the Law of attraction before I've watched the movie, I still very much enjoyed it and was so moved by it that made me watched it again for 3x on that week. I just love absorbing them up to the deep recesses of my inspired mind and heart.
However…something is lacking. The Law of Attraction says, just think and ask about it and it shall be given. Many has manifested already, but not all is given. How come? What else is needed to manifest them all that I desire? Those are questions that came to my mind until a dear friend of mine accompanied me to the National bookstore and told me to buy this book:

Yes , that's another Law of Attraction book and The Author has been so familiar to me simply because year 2003, somebody lend to me a tape that contains a question and answer forum about Abundance and The Law of Attraction by Abraham and Hicks. It didn't sink in to my mind as I've watch it, in fact, I get bored! So bored that I stepped into the dreamland. Now I realize why I get bored watching, listening to something that gives advise on how to get rich. Its because I was already in the forum where I shouldn't be. I should first read and learn the basics, the roots, the real "tip" about attracting what I desire and that is in that book Money and The Law of Attraction. Hooray! Finally, my question has been answered. The secret of The Secret was finally revealed. Being a human being, with emotions, applying what is in the book can still be challenging, but……. fulfilling.

Here's to your abundant life!
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