Monday, September 6, 2010

What to do with DENGUE

"Ber" months is on the go, Christmas season is fast approaching....a season of hope and a season of happiness. But before time hits that jolly date, a season of fear especially for most Filipinos would always pass by before and during the  "ber'' months A fear from the danger of getting infected with Dengue especially if it is becoming epidemic.
Good thing that the Dr.Eric Tayag, the Chief of DOH Epidemiology Center has announced this morning on TV ,  (great mass education!) what every individual especially parents should do especially at home for a mild case of Dengue. Of course early diagnosis is important. Seeking medical consultation at the first sign of fever will help prevent progression of illness. Dr. Tayag emphasize the DENGUE Acronymn guidelines for mild cases of dengue management at home.
  • D - daily monitoring of the patient's condition or status, such as checking  temperature and state of hydration.
  • E - encourage intake of oral fluids. Fluids play a big role in the treatment of dengue.
  • N - note for dengue warning signs such as bleeding and persistent vomiting
  • G - give paracetamol for fever, NOT aspirin ( aspirin can aggravate bleeding tendencies)
  • U - use mosquito nets, especially if child is taking a nap in the daytime because Dengue mosquito is a day-biting mosquito
  • E - early consultation is always advised
Education is still important in the prevention of any illness especially dengue . There's a saying that "Prevention is worth an ounce of cure", in cases when dengue is an outbreak , Education about dengue prevention is more than an ounce of cure.
To prevent the spread, always clean the areas in your home(stagnant water) where it would be a good breeding grounds for dengue  mosquitoes. For your flower jars, you may have some fish on it. Fish feeds on those tiny mosquito wannabes.

Here's to your healthy body and healthy thoughts!

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