Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Get Your FREE Blackberry

As the saying goes "There is no such thing as free lunch" I feel like rephrasing it this time to "THERE IS such a thing as FREE BLACKBERRY!"

Yes, this news is something really exciting! I heard it from a friend and checked it out and found out it is something special that Globe is offering as a Christmas present. It's like Santa Clause is coming to town, but it's Globe giving away a Free Blackberry... in my town...or in your town!
Life is really full of blessings and great surprises. I believe most of us are experiencing that, some just don't get notice the small ones even the big ones. But if we try to look back and look around us today, we are always experiencing blessings in the different angles of our lives. 

Like many others I know of, I've been a post paid Globe subscriber since I started using a mobile phone. Few years back, as I was enjoying the easy communication, there were times that I used to wonder how wonderful life would be if mobile phones would be offered at an affordable price and mobile calls and text would be offered for free. Then few years later, Globe made that fantasy a reality!
I kept this handy with me
Through Globe’s unlimited call and text offers, using mobile phone is much more enjoyable. It keeps us close to our family and friends. It keeps us close to our business as well even when we’re not physically there.  And when Globe made the mobile phone something affordable, we were easily able to get another mobile phone and we were able to separate our business contacts from our personal contacts, easy to recognize what call we were getting either it is business or personal.

Staying Globe connected made me always connected with my loved ones, globally! So i just kept the Globe flyers handy with me and I was able to use any perks they have anytime and it gave me a lot of savings due to its afford-ability.
These are just some of the blessings we always enjoy on a daily basis. The benefits we are getting from Globe, something that gives unlimited call and text, and now internet surfing is also unlimited! What more if you get the mobile phone for FREE, and the unit is BLACKBERRY?

We are so blessed indeed!

Here’s an excerpt of Globe’s special Christmas present.

Subscribe now to My Super Plan UnliSurf Combo, from 599 to 2499, to get any of these amazing BlackBerry offers with free Globe services:

BlackBerry Curve 8520
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 599 with unlimited mobile surfing

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 999 with:
•  unlimited mobile surfing
•  P400 consumable amount
•  1 freebie from A to C, E

BlackBerry Curve 9360
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 1799 with:
•  unlimited mobile surfing
•  P1,200 consumable amount
•  3 freebies from A to C, E

BlackBerry Bold 9780
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 2499 with:
•  unlimited mobile surfing
•  P1,900 consumable amount
•  5 freebies from A to C, E

Freebie choices:
A - 10 min calls and 200 SMS to Globe/TM
B - 5 min calls and 25 SMS to other networks
C - 20 mins IDD calls and 10 ISMS to 10 destinations**
E - Unlimited calls and text to one Globe/TM number

Who wouldn't want to own a Blackberry? and who wouldn't want to get it for FREE?
Hurry and let's catch it up, this special promo will run From December 1 to December 31,2011.

Here's to our extra happier Holidays!

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