Monday, August 2, 2010

Computer Terminologies and their "Meaning"

I overheard some teenagers "laughing-out-loud" while talking about their new found terms related to computer and schooling. Here it goes:
Brain = Monitor and CPU
Sickness = Virus

Day Before the Exam:
I find it hard to review because my "memory" is only 250 megabytes.
Too short! mine is at least 165 kilobytes. I wish I have 109 gigabytes.

Examination day:(These are excuses when they did not review and can't answer the test questions)
Damn! I can't remember and retrieve the notes , my younger sister accidentally "deleted" it in my "My Documents folder" ( memory bank, you mean? )
Maybe you just need to "explore". (You''re not studying, what else can you find in your memory bank?)
Try to "refresh" it.
I did , but it "hung" up. (because your coconut shell is tired of you playing video games)
Well, maybe, there's a "virus" in it. (c'mon, go to your doctor if you feel sick)
Then, just "switch it off" and You just "hibernate" (good advice huh?)


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