Thursday, August 5, 2010

Snacks For Your Kids, Who Rules?

It has always been a challenge to most moms what to give for their kids as a snack in school, especially the toddlers. Much to every mom's effort of providing kids the healthiest snack, the challenge comes when the child would choose what he wants to eat.Most of the time, the child wants what we consider to be junk foods---less of nutrients, full of preservatives, with added artificial flavorings, and can even ruin a child's appetite for the next meal. If they don't get that, they don't eat, some would have tantrums, and the loving mom would give what the child wants. Difficult, huh?

In this new age where global warming is a threat, when technology is faster that instead of eating fresh foods you can be tempted to go for a fast food, One question popped into my mind: who rules in deciding for your kid's snack? What could be the best snacks for your kids?

Whatever responses would there's a good tip: There's always a better choice, start to choose healthier, even not the healthiest., and always provide your child a fresh, clean water to drink.

Water is nourishing, at the same time cleansing.

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