Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finger Puppets

Most kids love to play, watch TV or magic shows, educational shows or anything that can stimulate their creative minds.
Finger puppets at the Art Gallery of OntarioImage via Wikipedia
One of the shows my 4-year old son got interested was the Finger Puppets Wrestling show on TV.  There was a little bit of apprehension in me allowing him to watch the show. You know, most moms doesn't want their kids get influenced with the idea of fighting, though maybe for most Dads, they prefer it the other way around , especially if their child is a boy. "Be always strong, brave, and never be a chicken in a fight"--- is what some dads would say to those little boys. However, out of apprehension, suddenly an appreciation of the show replaced my previous emotions upon seeing the influence of the show to my little boy. I saw him suddenly creating some face drawings on his fingers and then when he's done,  showed it to me and told me what those finger puppets were. Amazing! He even showed the different emotions through those cute creations. Wow! Lovely finger puppets!

Our kids are really creative. Let's let them be.

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  1. i'm going to buy this for my daughter maybe for Christmas

  2. that's nice!...isn't cute that kids tend to be more creative seeing puppets like that?
    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. hi, yes you can borrow one of my photos but can you please link it like put Image via: Mom-daughter style (link) at the bottom of the picture.

    thanks for following my site. I will follow you too


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