Monday, December 20, 2010

Raising a Global Child

As Christmas is just around the corner we are reminded of a special gift, the birth of the Divine Child. For a mother, having a child is already Divine; so much more when your child is gifted with the ability and capacity to use them favorably for the enjoyment and fun of those around. I believe every mom is blessed to have a child with their unique ability and intelligence.

Preparation and Nourishment
As a mother, I consider the art of child rearing is such a great and pleasurable task for every mom. Yet, nurturing happens even before the child would physically say hello to the outside world after a warm nine-month stay in a mommy’s comfy-tummy.  For my daughter I always let her listen to music when I was on my second trimester pregnant with her. By placing the other earpiece of my walkman to my tummy (no CD player yet that time), we both always enjoyed the music together.  When she was born, she always slept much better with instrumental music played most of the time.  She’s such an angel child she never gave me sleepless nights.

Monica at 4 years old

As I gladly enjoyed moments with her, preparing her for a much better childhood is also what was focused on my mind.  When food is the question, she was never a picky eater so it was easy to feed her, to the point of letting her grow with a healthy bigger frame for a child her age. Nevertheless, I could not discount the value of giving her complete nourishment not just through healthy foods but also giving her a multivitamin nutritional support; a safe, educational playing tools and a warm, happy, pleasing home life.  We made education fun for her.  At the age of two, we were already playing with alphabets.  We toss and turn the alphabet cards and make a guessing game, three alphabets per week. She loved singing the alphabet song. Before she turned three, she already can read the alphabets even in random.

Kinder Graduate, with Honors
With that admirable propensity to academic, we still wanted to create a more balanced life for her. She has the passion of meeting more friends that she sweetly, politely requested to be in school even she was then just three years old, but we just let her enjoyed the fun and activity plays. She learns so easily and dynamically participated in any activities. She joyfully sings perfectly her favorite piece of Lea Salonga’s “tomorrow”. At the age four she was already hosting some of the school program; at the same time is a participant of the group performances, especially a soloist singer performer on stage.What a delight to see your child like that.

Meeting  the Challenge
Monica at 7 years old
As she was growing up as a child, she was noticed with a great voice. She contend in some school singing contests and even on television for which she was lucky to have been included as finalist to sing on TV after a long line in the audition. On top of these activities, she still managed to make it as one of the top students in school. These are some challenges she faced for which she handled well. She continued her passion and singing, developing her core gift, but she always sets aside time for studying. She was even given a scholarship in school for her active participation in many singing activities both inside and outside school and for being still academically responsible.

The Fruits of Love, Nourishment and Guidance

Monica has been blessed with a great talent. I have been blessed with a child who knows how to boost her intelligence and talent. Still fresh on my mind was what one of her teacher told me. “Your daughter is global. She sings very well, she mingles with anyone very well, 
she’s very polite, humble and yet she excels in school” I was stunned to know this. For me, it was such a compliment. From Roget’s thesaurus global means covering a wide scope, all- around and comprehensive. Seeing my child now, with her caring attitude, good values, diligence in school and passion in honing her skills, I guess I am delighted to agree, my daughter is global.
Monica Rosales at 8, duriring Commencement Exercise
Reminiscing just a few months back as my daughter officially stepped into the teenage world, I know she had gone through a wonderful childhood.  Hence, every end of the month of each year, as most would make a list of New Year’s resolution; I usually make a list of my blessings and I am grateful, one of the greatest blessings given to me is having a global child.

                                  Monica at 12 years old:

Here's to all moms-- we are all blessed with our child!

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